Midnight Secrets by Ella Grace


Note: This is a pre-publication review. Midnight Secrets is due to be released on April 30, 2013. 

Ten years ago Savannah Wilde left her home in the small town of Midnight, Alabama to attend college in Nashville. Now Assistant District Attorney, a gang-related threat on her life has forced her to take an extended vacation for her own safety. Savannah decides to take advantage of the time off and wrap up some loose ends with her past, namely packing up her family home and putting it on the market. It’s something she and her sisters haven’t had the heart to face since the death of their beloved grandfather, who raised them after their parents’ murder-suicide 18 years ago. It’s also something that Savannah, in particular, has avoided, because the town’s new police chief is also the boy who broke her heart so thoroughly a decade ago that she hasn’t been able to date anyone seriously since.

But coming home is more dangerous than Savannah could have ever imagined. Not only is her heart once again in jeopardy, something more sinister is going on as well. Decapitated animals on her porch; an unexplained fire in the guesthouse; someone is obviously trying to send Savannah a deadly message. Is it the gang from Nashville, or could it have something to do with the questions she’s been asking about her parents’ deaths?

Midnight Secrets is one of those romance novels that cannot be judged by its cheesy beefcake cover.  The plot is part romance, part mystery, and part suspense/thriller, all deftly woven together into a novel that is difficult to put down once you’ve started reading it. The ending sets up two potential sequels (Savannah’s sister’s stories) well, and I’m looking forward to reading them.