Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender


15-year-old Alexis, a pink-haired outcast, has come to terms with her dysfunctional life. Her parents are distant due to her mother’s long hours at work and her sister, Kasey, is a friendless doll-collecting wimp whoconstantly needs Alexis’ help. But then Kasey’s mood swings start to get more dramatic. Her speech changes, sometimes sounding a bit archaic. And occasionally, when she gets angry, her blue eyes flash green. As Kasey’s behavior gets more violent and destructive, Alexis realizes that something has possessed her timid little sister. Something that has killed in the past. Somethingthat plans to do a lot more killing in the future. Only Alexis and her new friend Megan can put a stop to the evil plan of a long-dead, but not gone, little girl.Alender’s creepy tale of possession hits all the right notes. Alexis and her little sister, Kasey, are believable characters. And the spirit is effectively malevolent. The tension built slowly and pulled me into the story until I couldn't stop reading...almost as if I was possessed...

If you have an eReader, you can check out the ebook version of Bad Girls Don't Die on our digital book site! Or, if you've already read this novel, check out its sequels: From Bad to Cursed and As Dead as it Gets

~Ms. Heather