Panic by Sharon M. Draper

A troupe of high school dance students is rocked when one of them disappears. The Crystal Pointe Dance Academy is a refuge for the students who take classes and participate in dance recitals. Each of them -- Diamond, Layla, Mercedes and Justin -- has a different reason to dance, but they all want to earn a role in the upcoming production of Peter Pan. When Diamond disappears during a routine trip to the mall, the close-knit group is thrown into emotional turmoil that mounts as the days go by.

As it turns out, Diamond has been lured by a sexual predator offering the promise of a movie audition and finds herself in a dire situation. While the four main characters alternate narration, this is really a two-sided story: Diamond's horrific story of abduction and exploitation, and the everyday concerns her friends face back home. The other dancers face tough situations, from relationship conflicts to a parent returning home after a long incarceration. Threading through it all is the importance of the arts as a vehicle to get through tough times. Pulse-pounding, chilling, yet at times inspiring, this novel explores the life-changing consequences of one bad decision.

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