Son by Lois Lowry

“Son” by Lois Lowry is the follow up to her highly acclaimed and challenged book “The Giver”.  In “Son” the reader is given more than a glimpse behind the curtain of a land where utopia prevails. The main character is Claire who gave birth to the child that prompted the “new giver” Jonas to leave the only place they had ever known.  In a place where everything is perfectly void of mistakes, how is it that Claire knows that something is wrong.  Why does she feel a longing to see “her son”? How does she even know that she had a “son”? What lengths will she go through to find him?  Who is the devil-like character that stands in the way of Claire being reunited with Gabe? 

You know what. . . if you liked, “The Giver” you’ll like “Son”.

~ The Circulator