A Place to Belong by Lauraine Snelling

A Place to Belong: Book 3 of Wild West Wind

Cassie Lockwood, Chief, Micah and Runs Like a Deer had traveled many miles to find the ranch that Cassie's father had dreamed of. Though they thought they had found a home after the Wild West Show disbanded, someone else obviously did not like having them around. One night some riders had attacked the ranch shooting, shouting and burning the wagon which had been Cassie's home for so long. Now those men were on trial for their deeds and Cassie had to testify to that fateful night.

Lucas Engstrom liked Cassie from the start and boasted that we would marry her someday. But his brother, Ransom, did not like or trust Cassie. This was disturbing to Cassie but Mavis Engstrom assured her that the doors had opened to Cassie and her friends. They really had found a home.

Since cash was in short supply on the ranch Cassie wanted to help by participating in shooting contests and hopefully winning the purse. Entering a contest meant several things. It meant a registration fee, buying extra ammunition for practicing her craft and traveling to the shoot and paying for room and board while there. And of course, who could travel with her that was not need on the ranch? Being a determined woman, Cassie found herself partially back in the world of sharpshooting and trick riding enough to feel more a part of her new life, too.

Always her relationships with Mavis, Lucas, Ransom, Gretchen, Othello, George, Chief, Micah and Runs Like a Deer were most important and always changing. Especially with Lucas and Ransom. How would these relationships mold her future? She came to love Lucas and Ransom as brothers. Or was it another kind of love? How did Casie fit into their world?

Cassie learned to do many new things in her life on the ranch and I enjoyed reading about her daily challenges and triumphs.

~ Beth