More New Books!

We love reading the new books that come in.  Here's a sampling of the last order, which includes both picture books and nonfiction books. Enjoy!

Ms. Catherine


Timeless Thomas:  How Thomas Edison Changed Our Lives, by Gene Barretta  (J621.3)

Timeless Thomas compares present day technology with how things were done in Edison’s time.  Read this nonfiction picture book, if for no other reason, to find out what tattoo needles and photocopiers have in common!

Squirrels on Skis, by J. Hamilton Ray  (E RAY)

"Nobody knew how the mania grew. First there was one, and then there were two. Three more came gliding from under the trees.”  How will the town solve their skiing-squirrel infestation?  This is a great little read-aloud.

Ick!  Yuck!  Eew!  Our Gross American History, by Lois Miner Huey  (J973 HUE)

Warning!!! This well-researched book will make you ITCH for hours.

Mo’s Mustache, by Ben Clanton  (E CLA)

Mo’s new mustache is so stylish that all his friends want one now.  How can Mo stand out if everybody’s COPYING him?!!

Locomotive, by Brian Floca  (J385 FLO)

This book, about a trip on the transcontinental railroad in 1869, is so rich in sensory detail that you feel like you’re there.

Little Naomi, Little Chick, by Avirama Golan  (E GOL)

Avirama Golan has written a gentle book about Naomi’s day at preschool, and Chick, who stays at home with the other farm animals. 

The Tree Lady, by H. Joseph Hopkins  (E HOP)

The Tree Lady is Kate Sessions, a passionate naturalist and college-educated scientist born in the 1860s, when that was an unusual path for girls to take.