Hell Phone by William Sleator

Nick is poor. So poor he lives in a tiny trailer, has no computer, and has to work everyday after school. And he has no cell phone. Then he gets the flyer: Cheapest prepaid cell phones in town. With his precious savings Nick buys a $20 phone (a refurbished with no caller ID) and 150 minutes. He's overjoyed and can't wait to talk to Jen, his girlfriend and the reason he bought the phone.

But as soon as Nick turns the phone on, the calls begin. A sobbing woman begging for help. A pushy man who urges Nick to steal cell phone accessories, but won't tell Nick what he wants. A heavily accented man who warns Nick not to trust "them." Then there are the games that come with the phone: Games From Real Hell. As the cell phone keeps ringing, a wretched, screeching cat noise, Nick gets more and more involved with the callers. Until, finally, they drag him into hell...

Hell Phone was a quick, easy read. Intriguing enough for teens who don't usually enjoy reading, and with a plot that holds a reader's interest. I enjoyed it, and recommend it for those who like a tiny rush of fear, but want to sleep well at night!

~Ms. Heather