New Books!

What does the library get for Christmas?  New books!  Your children’s library staff is poring over the new books that have come in, and then we’re putting them out for you to enjoy.  Here are just a few of the ones we like:


TeamMoon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon, by Catherine Thimmesh, tells the story of the thousands of engineers, designers, testers, and others who made it possible to send three astronauts into space for the first moon landing.  This book won the 2013 Robert F. Sibert Award for most distinguished informational children’s book.  (J629.45)

The Rabbit and the Turtle: Aesop’s fables retold and illustrated, by Eric Carle.  Beloved artist Eric Carle introduces these age-old  wisdom tales to a new generation, with his own distinctive illustrations of the animal characters.  (E CAR)

The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups, Revealed and illustrated by David Wisniewski.  Apparently, grown-ups have secrets surprise they have been keeping from their children for eons…  You won’t believe the outrageous reasons why they REALLY want you to eat your vegetables, or comb your hair, or not jump on the bed.  After spending years undercover, the author urges us to sneak a read:   “It’s the truth.  It’s real.  It’s…  I must go.  They’re coming.  Quickly! Take this book! Read it!  LEARN THE TRUTH!!!”  (J818 WIS)

Ms. Catherine