Beatles 50th Anniversary

February 1964:  There were about four thousand Beatles' fans were present as Pan Am Flight 101 left London.  It was the Beatles’ first trip to the US as a band.  When the group arrived at New York's JFK Airport, they were greeted by another large crowd, with Beatles fans again estimated to number four thousand, and two hundred reporters.

On 9 February 1964, the Beatles made their first live US television appearance to a television audience of about 73 million on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was the largest number of viewers recorded for a US television program.  CBS will air a two-hour tribute show commemorating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles legendary performance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' on Sun., Feb. 9, 2014.

We have a special section honoring the special occasion.  Here are a few highlighted titles:


With the Beatles : [inside Beatlemania / by their official photographer Robert Whitaker] Whitaker, Bob.

Few rides in entertainment history were as exciting, colorful and altogether wild as the one taken by the Beatles in the mid 1960's. As they toured the world from 1964 through 1966, they had with them a very special photographer, their fellow Englishman Robert Whitaker. He made pictures as they recorded their records, then made portraits for the jackets of those discs. Bob Whitaker was the indispensable chronicler of Beatlemania.


Beatles solo : the illustrated chronicles of John, Paul, George, and Ringo after the Beatles

This four volume set contains four beautifully illustrated books –one for each Beatle – covering their lives since they broke up in 1969. Longtime music journalist and former editor of Mojo magazine, Mat Snow has been writing about the Beatles for years, and he’s doing fresh interviews with friends and colleagues of the Beatles to gain insight into the solo lives of these four extraordinary men.


Magical mystery tours : my life with the Beatles / Tony Bramwell with Rosemary Kingsland

Growing up in a postwar Liverpool suburb, Tony Bramwell was boyhood friends with three of the Beatles long before they were famous.  Tony carried George's guitar, and he stayed with the band from the first Number 1 to the last. Conversational, direct, and honest, the ultimate Beatles insider finally shares his own version of the frantic and glorious ascent of four boys from Liverpool lads to rock and roll kings