Birdseye: the Adeventures of a Curious Man by Mark Kurlansky

Clarence Birdseye, the developer of frozen food, described as curious, a problem solver and a tinkerer lived from 1886 to l956.


Mark Kurlansky’s  Birdseye, The Adventures of a Curious Man covers Birdseye’s adventurous life, from searching for the source of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, to fur trapping in Labrador, to developing frozen food for the consumer market.


Although frozen food may seem mundane, years of trial, error, disappointment and finally success were experienced by Birdseye before he finally marketed frozen food and freezers to supermarkets.


Kurlansky gives an honest assessment of Birdseye's views on hunting.  An overly enthusiastic hunter, he must have had a cast iron stomach. Birdeye ate or tasted  everything he killed, including rodents and snakes, in his quest for good tasting frozen food.


This book is an engaging look at the life of a man who was curious and  developed products that we take for granted and changed the way we eat.


Carol K.