Special Event: Spark a Reaction! Cooking Lesson with Chef Angela

What do you know about Pop Rocks? Pop Rocks was invented in 1956 by William A. Mitchell, who was a research scientist for General Mills (the same company that makes Cheerios and Lucky Charms). He was trying to invent an instant soft drink and was experimenting with carbon dioxide and sugar, which are main ingredients in soda.

Pop Rocks went on sale to the public in 1975 for fifteen cents per pack. Despite urban legends, it remains a popular candy today.  Over the years, different companies have owned the rights to this popular candy, and because of this, the candy has changed its name a couple times.  Currently, it is owned by Zeta Espacial and is sold under the name Pop Rocks. (poprockscandy.com)

For a person to recreate the secret formula and procedures for this famous candy would require heavy duty equipment, and access to the secret formula. (aww..sadface)

But, if you want to learn about the chemistry and science behind the candy, and have a little fun, come hang out with Chef Angela at the Homewood Library as she shows us the science in cooking as we create "lighting candy"!

This event is scheduled for Wednesday, July 9, 2014 from 3:00 pm - 4:00pm.

**DON'T FORGET- this is a cooking event and we need to make sure we have enough for everyone. RESERVATIONS ARE ENCOURAGED so everyone gets to share in the fun! Contact Leslie West at lwest@bham.lib.al.us or call 205-332-6620.

See you there!