The History of Coffee & Free Coffee Tasting with Floyd Brown

Friday, August 15, at 12 p.m. in the Large Auditorium 

Myth has it that coffee was first discovered in or around the 9th century in Ethiopia by a young goatherd. He noticed that his goats liked to graze upon berries which seemed to have interesting side effects! The goats jumped around seemingly full of energy and realizing that the berries must have some magical property the young goatherd took some back to the village elders. They boiled them with water and soon realized the stimulating potential of the brew. From this point on coffee plants were cultivated by man purely for their precious crop. Today coffee is grown on five continents, is consumed worldwide, and is one of the most important commodities traded on the world markets. To learn more about this amazing plant, join Floyd Brown for an interesting program and a free coffee tasting.