3 Days of Peace & Music - Woodstock Turns 45!

The Woodstock Music and Art Fair: An Aquarian Exposition (forever known now as Woodstock) will celebrate its 45th Anniversary this weekend.  This event forever defined the counterculture generation. Even today, the impact of the sights and sounds are ever present.   CNN posted a story recalling the famed music festival. You can read about it here.


The Road to Woodstock by Michael Lang:  The Woodstock music festival of 1969 is an American cultural touchstone, and no book captures the sights, sounds, and behind-the-scenes machinations of the historic gathering better than Michael Lang’s New York Times bestseller, The Road to Woodstock. USA Today calls this fascinating, entertaining, and blissfully nostalgic look back, “Invaluable.” In The Road to Woodstock, Michael Lang recaptures the magic for the generation that was there…and for the generations that followed.


Back to the Garden by Pete FornataleBack to the Gardencelebrates the music and the spirit of Woodstock through the words of some of the era's biggest musical stars, as well as those who participated in the festival. From Richie Havens's legendary opening act to the Who's violent performance, from the Grateful Dead's jam to Jefferson Airplane's wake-up call, culminating in Jimi Hendrix's career-defining moment, Fornatale brings new stories to light and sets the record straight on some common misperceptions. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs, authoritative, and highly entertaining, Back to the Garden is the soon-to-be classic telling of three days of peace and music.


Woodstock Revisited by Susan Reynolds:  (Coming Soon) This collection contains fifty stories written by people who attended the original Woodstock Festival in 1969. Since all the books that preceded it have focused on the musicians, promoters, and staff, this book will be the first one that chronicles the audience's experience in an up close and personal way. This book documents the event itself, but also provides a mesmerizing portrait of America as that tumultuous decade came to a close. It is nostalgic, historical, and a fascinating read that will appeal to all Baby Boomers, their offspring, and anyone who wonders what it was really like--and what became of all those "hippies."


Woodstock 69 Festival-3 Days of Peace & Music by Christopher Van Loen: (Coming Soon)   Come to the Catskills for three days of peace and music. That's how the Woodstock Festival was advertised to sell tickets. What the promoter expected was a crowd of 10,000 to 50,000 people. But what came to Woodstock was not what they expected. A crowd of more than 500,000 people showed up. This book is a behind the scenes look at what went on at the Woodstock '69 Festival.


Woodstock Vision Spirit of a Genreation by Elliott Landy: (Coming Soon) Elliot Landy has his finger on the pulse of the Woodstock generation. He was there before the famous festival, hanging out with Dylan and The Band; he was the photographer of record at the festival itself; and he still lives in Woodstock today. Here he captures and preserves the true vision and pure essence of that incredibly influential event what it was like to be part of the '60s, sharing the spirit of unlimited hope, optimism, and the belief that the world can be made better through peace and love.